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Need a professional high-end commercial photographer? Need cost-effective professional real estate listing display and photography? Need a website to market your product or service? Want to know prices, turnaround or have other questions?
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Granite Studios
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69 Armitage Drive
Bridgeport, CT 06605

We regularly service clients in the metro CT/NY/New England area. If you’re outside the metro CT/NY area, call us anyway—we love special assignments!

Though the voicemail message says only “Granite Studios”, you’ve also reached Barry A. Hyman Photography, and Hit It with A Rock Design as well.

Barry A. Hyman Photography, and Hit It with A Rock Design are divisions of Granite Studios, LLC.

Commercial Photography, Westport Connecticut
    Some of Our Clients
  • Sunpower Corporation
  • Alisberg Parker Architects
  • Contadino Architects
  • Tim Geitz AIA
  • Chase Medical Communications
  • University of Chicago Alumni Assoc.
  • Medical Instill Inc.
  • Advertising Collaborative
  • Apache Built
  • Apec Development
  • Boxwood Interiors
  • Broad Street Advertising
  • Cameron Design
  • Churchill Corporate Services
  • Prudential Properties
  • Family Meds
  • GRP Realty Group
  • British Foods
  • JBC Development
  • Antares
  • Scott Case
  • Sunporch
  • Green Seed